Introduction of mental blocks

In simple terms, mental block can be interpreted as an obstacle in the mind that hinders a person in achieving goals. Obstacles like this are influenced by many factors, some of which are past trauma, doctrines or advice from the wrong environment and occur repeatedly so that it becomes a belief system that carries over into adulthood. The wrong system of belief in the subconscious will sabotage the ability of the self so that it is difficult to achieve the desired goal even though it has often received strong encouragement from the outside.

The characteristics of the mental block are feeling that this self is incapable and helpless in doing things, so that it does nothing and chooses to be in the comfort zone so that it buries away dreams.  even though he still wants to achieve that dream. Mental blocks are often analogous to a huge wall that gets in the way that makes it difficult for a person to penetrate them. The thing that can be done is to tear down the wall.  A story often  taken to analogize the mentality of a blog is a large elephant carried by a small child with a small chain. Even though the elephant has a body 10 times larger than the small child that carried it, but the elephant did not try to escape.  All because when the elephant was a child,  the elephant was tied using a small chain on a tree. Every time he tried to run, the little chain entangled him even more and made his body hurt. It was from there that the belief system woke up that he could never escape from that little chain. That wrong mindset carried over to the ground. So that little chain until now still entangles the elephant.

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An example of  mental block in humans is when a person who has great potential, works on the part that makes him undeveloped, then is offered an opportunity in the form of a challenge but  that  someone rejects it as it is already quite comfortable with the current conditions.

The Creation of Mental Blocks

Human beings are actually born geniuses. You can pay attention to your little one or yourself as a child, every time and time you are always interested in new things and try to ask questions about many things in this universe. You also always feel curious about many things so that whatever item is near you want to reach and try to operate it. Yes, you were a genius as a child.

Until one day your parents or family often say “don’t” to many things you want to try.  It’s not  even a pity that you get scolded when you try something new as a child & it’s actually a form of your exploration of a world that’s new to you. In fact, it  is not uncommon for the environment to label you as wayward, stupid, naughty and so on which indirectly erodes your confidence to try something and may even become a minder, so the ability to try it sinks in. And unfortunately that’s what carries over until you get old if it’s not fixed. As a result, such an educated child will become an insecure, inferior, and difficult child to try new things that can lead him to success.

A person who has a mental block can be seen in the pattern of thinking and looking at problems. A person who is open and jovial will usually be easier to develop himself. Meanwhile, people who are introverted and quiet are vengeful and often harbor problems tend to have a strong mental block in themselves.

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Perhaps now the question arises in you:

“How to get rid of mental blocks?”

Before continuing reading, first lean your seat to be more relaxed and relaxed in reading this article.  The following are patterns that can be applied to overcome mental blocks.

How to overcome mental blocks

1.     Communicating With Multiple People

One of  the patterns that can be applied in eliminating mental blocks is to make oneself more open with others.  We can open chats with new people such as security guards, merchants, employees, people sitting next to us, and so on. Because with this pattern, we have penetrated a fear and trained it so that it becomes a habit.

Isn’t getting to know new people and communicating fun even if it’s difficult at first? By making this pattern of communication we will get used to being open and penetrating fear. A thing that will erode the mental block in us.

But what if you can’t start a chat? FORCE IT!

Yes, force it so that it becomes a habit. Since “can’t” is just a junk word, we have to put up a mind program with the word “can.” Since it can or may not only exist in the mind, all things we can do as long as we are “willing” to do.

2.    Reducing past burdens

Changing the point of view about something that has happened in the past, and accepting it as an episode that has happened in life in the past.

Then decided not to be affected by the past and still live a new life with a new leaf. This kind of process of consciousness growth will erode the mental block slowly but surely.

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3.    Try new things

If you have never been to a place, then try to go to that place and feel the difference from the new place. As with a new experience,  we’ll never know if we haven’t tried it.

If we get a challenging opportunity, take the opportunity. Because this will automatically erode the mental block wall that gets in the way. we will get new experiences that we have not previously  felt, those feelings that will slowly but surely eliminate the mental block in us.

4.    Perform Incantation

Incantation was introduced by Anthony Robbins.  He said that human beings are deeply influenced by what they believe. All our actions, are influenced by anything we believe.

And those words will be automatically installed in the belief system if they are done repeatedly and soulfully.

Here’s how to incantation:

  1. Making positive sentences without the words don’t, no, and no.
  2. Using the phrase “current, present”
  3. Repeatedly spoken at least 10x in one sentence.
  4. Say it with a smile, enthusiasm, full of confidence, and a feeling of gratitude.

Examples of Incantation is “This morning I allowed myself to be healthier, to be richer, to be happier, to increase his faith” Do this incantation repeatedly, it can be done morning, afternoon or night.


We can be whatever we want, we can write a life script  of ourselves, a barrier is just a shadow. open minded, keep learning and keep improve Ourselves, Good Luck.



Best Regards,

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