Properties of Soursop Plant and How to Serve It
Properties of Soursop Plant and How to Serve It

Properties of Soursop Plant and How to Serve It

Soursop Introduction

Soursop (Annona muricata L.)  is a tropical plant with flavorful fruits and a distinctive taste, with a tree height ranging from 3-10 m.  The flesh of the fruit is milky-white, with a sweet-sour taste  and  small drupes of black color.  The fruit contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemical substances that are efficacious for health.

Soursop plant  has many properties.  Not only in the fruit,  the seeds, leaves and flowers of the soursop plant are each useful for human life, especially in medicine.

  1. Soursop fruit is useful for treating a wide variety of diseases
  2. Soursop seeds to reduce nausea and vomiting.
  3. Tunas or soursop leaves can cure several diseases such as bladder and bile disorders, cough, diarrhea, fever and indigestion.
  4. Soursop leaves if pounded can be used to treat skin and rheumatic problems.
  5. The bark of the soursop tree root is believed to be an antidote to toxins.
  6. Soursop tree flowers can treat disorders in the nose that cause the appearance of mucus.

Soursop Plant Parts

  1. The heading of the soursop has a unique shape, branching almost starting from its base. Its growth occurs throughout the year, hard wood, generally small, rather clayy, and easily broken. The direction of the branching is erratic and scattered so that it is difficult to manage
  2. Soursop leaves are  elliptical with short  tapers, measuring 8-16 cm X 3×7 cm, while young leaves are yellowish-green  , with rather thick and slightly stiff leaves and pinnate or erect leaf veins on the main leaf veins. The aroma of the leaves is less pleasant.
  3. Soursop root can penetrate the soil to a depth of 2m. The side roots are  quite numerous and strong, so they are  appropriate if used toevate sloping  fields because they can prevent erosion.

 Soursop Leaf Content

Soursop leaves   contain chemical compounds Annonain, Flavanoids, Saponins and Tannins.  Leaves can play the role of insecticides, larvicides,

1.    Annonain

Annonain is a compound of the alkaloid  group found in soursop leaves.  The physiological activity of  Annonain is toxic and has a bitter taste. Alkaloids have metabolic properties to one or several amino acids.   Other toxic effects  can be more complex and dangerous against insecta (Ariana, 2016).  Annonain is  anti-larvicide  and anti-feedant  (food inhibitor) by working as a contact  poison and  stomach poison (Kardinan, 2004).

2.    Flavonoids

Flavonoids belong to the class of phenols. A class of flavonoids that are powerful natural  insecticides are isoflavones.  Isoflavones have a reproductive effect, namely antifertility (Ariana, 2016).

3.    Saponins

The content of saponins  in soursop leaves can inhibit the growth hormone Aedes aegypti, causing abnormal development time (Chaieb, 2010)

4.    Tannins

Tannins are  secondary metabolite  compounds found in plants.  Has a function to interfere with larvae in the  digestion of  food, suppress appetite,  growth rate and the ability of larvae  to survive (Ariana, 2016)

Properties of Soursop Plant  and How to Serve It

There are various kinds of properties of the soursop plant,  the following are the properties of the soursop plant along with the way it is presented.

1.    Treating High Blood Pressure (Soursop Leaves)

How   to serve: Rebus  soursop leaves with young corn hair  to boil.  after cooling slightly, the  boiled water  is filtered and taken 2 times a day.

2.     Treating Gout: (Soursop Fruit)

How to serve: Juice of soursop fruit without sugar, drink 2 times a day

3.    Treating Hemorrhoids (Soursop Fruit)

How to serve: Squeeze the ripe soursop  fruit until the water comes out.  the squeezed water  is accommodated up to 1 cup and drunk.  consumption of 2 cups per day.

4.     Treating Lumbago (Soursop Leaves)

How to serve: Take 20 pieces of  aged soursop leaves, boil them with 5 cups of  water until they become 3 cups of water.  consume every day until cured.

5.    Treating Boils (Soursop Leaves)

How to serve: Take the  young leaves of soursop, mash until smooth mix with a small amount of water and apply on boils.

6.    Treating Vaginal Discharge: (Soursop Leaves)

How   to serve: 15 pieces of  soursop leaves + 5 chopped turmeric finger segments  + salt and honey are boiled with 5 cups of  water until 3 cups are left. After cooled, strain and drink 3 times a day.

7.    Treating Cancer (Soursop Leaves & Fruits)

Mode of presentation:

  • Soursop leaves: take 10 pieces of soursop leaves (not too old / young), wash them thoroughly. Boil with 3 cups of water until only 1 cup remains (do not use aluminum when seeping, it is recommended to use stainless steel). Dwant and strain.  drink a day 2 times, morning and evening  1 cup each
  • Soursop fruit: it can be knitted (without added sugar) or consumed in the  form of fresh fruit.  a day enough consumption of a quarter of a medium-sized  soursop fruit.

*Effects of Soursop for cancer patients

After drinking the boiled water of soursop leaves, usually the  body will feel warm / hot and then sweat.   This effect does not occur in  everyone.  Usually the appetite improves again.  Benefits of The Efficacy of Soursop Fruit Leaves To Treat Cancer does not work immediately so that cancer patients must be disciplined and patient in consuming soursop

8.     Treating Gout (Soursop Leaves)

How to serve: Take a soursop that  is quite old but still green, about 6 to 10 sheets then wash it thoroughly.  Furthermore, soursop leaves are cut into pieces with the aim of  ensuring that the content on the leaves really comes out. Boil  the leaves with two glasses of  water, let them boil until the  water remains one glass.  Drink the decoction twice a day  , namely in the morning and at night.

9.    Treating Eczema and Rheumatism (Soursop Leaves)

How to serve: Mash soursop leaves until smooth and attach them to the part of the  body that feels sore or sick from rheumatism or eczema regularly  1 day  twice.

10.  Boosts   the Immune System (Soursop Leaves)

How to serve: prepare 4/5 of the  leaves of soursop, boil with 4 cups of water let it boil until 1 cup remains.  Drink 1 time per day.

11.   Treating Lumbago (Soursop Leaves)

How to serve: take 20 pieces of  soursop leaves then boiled using 5 cups of  water until only 3 cups remain and drink 1 time as carefully as 3/4 cup.

12.  Treating Diarrhea in Infants (Soursop Fruit)

The content in  soursop fruit is efficacious for treating diarrhea or loose stools in babies. How to serve: Prepare the ripe soursop fruit, then squeeze it and filter it for the water to be taken. Drink in babies with diarrhea by 2-3 tablespoons.

13.  Overcoming Hemorrhoids (Soursop Fruit)

How to serve: squeeze the cooked  soursop fruit and then take the  water in one glass, then drink the water twice a day, morning and evening.

14.  Treating Dysuria (Soursop Fruit)

How to serve: Half-cooked soursop   and granulated sugar to taste.  Soursop is peeled and boiled with sugar together with water in 2 cups, filtered and drunk.

15.   Bladder Pain  (Soursop Fruit)

How to serve: Half-cooked soursop fruit, sugar and salt to taste. All such ingredients are cooked made compotes.  Edible ordinary,

16.  Treating cysts (Soursop Leaves)

How to serve: prepare 10 pieces of soursop leaves and then wash them thoroughly with running water.  Then boil with water in 3 cups, and boil until 1 cup remains.   Drink the boiled water of soursop leaves earlier  2 times a day for 1 week.

17.  Treating diabetes (Soursop Leaves)

How to serve:  soursop leaves that are quite old but still green, about 6 to 10 pieces then wash them well.  Furthermore, soursop leaves are cut into pieces with the aim of  ensuring that the content on the leaves really comes out. Boil  the leaves with two glasses of  water, let them boil until the  water remains one glass.  Drink the decoction twice a day  , namely in the morning and at night.

The most appropriate time  to consume soursop leaves for  diabetics is at night before going to bed.

18.   Liver Disease (Soursop Fruit & Leaves)

Fast other foods, drink only soursop juice for 1 week.  (cures several cancers  including breast cancer,  bowel cancer,  ovarian cancer, liver, lung, prostate, pancreas and spleen.  Besides being able to cure  cancer,  soursop leaves can also  treat other diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, worms, fever, rheumatism, and asthma.

  1. Provide approximately 10-15 pieces of soursop leaves that are still fresh and dark green in color, wash them thoroughly.
  2. Prepare 3 cups of plain water
  3. Cook the soursop leaves with such water  until left for about 2 cups.
  4. Drink the boiled water of such soursop leaves 2 times a day as a decoction of herbs.


This information about the properties of the soursop plant, hopefully useful.  Thank you



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